QA Training

Course Objective

Our Professional Trainers have designed the QA training course to provide you with the guidance for QA testing certifications as per the standards of ISTQB which is a recognised certification all across the globe.

This QA Training syllabus aims at providing you with hands-on practice & live projects coupled with the theoretical knowledge that will help you in distinguishing between the concepts of Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Planning

We aim to provide you with a very comprehensive and competitive QA software testing training to help you understand about quality issues and speedy resolution of non-compliance issues

You will get not only software QA testing training, but also the project management processes including SDLC, STLC, Agile, and Waterfall models.

Once you are associated with us, it is forever as we are always there to help you prepare for your interviews, job change interviews, certifications anything.



Do You Know Why QA Training is Necessary to Grow Your Career?


Companies have urgent requirement of software QA testers and QA certified professionals


Jobs to be Projected in Next 2 Years


Software QA testing jobs are posted on in 2019 in the US alone


is the entry-level average salary of a QA tester as per

Salary Trend

A few Quick facts before you begin your Online QA Training

 A Few Compelling Facts

Quality assurance is no longer the last thing you do before the software launches; it weaves through the entire software life cycle, with business goals attached. It can be very well anticipated that the jobs, career opportunities and the requirements in QA testing field are on an ever-increasing path.

 Future of QA

It can be well assumed that today while the software development field is rapidly evolving, as more and more enterprises are adopting agile development methodologies, the need for QA professionals is set to rise. On top of that one famous survey has shown how QA professionals are just about the happiest workers of all trades!

 Job Market

So, aren’t you amazed already? If you are, then join our QA Software Testing Training program right away and learn and add the necessary skills to your resume with the help of online QA Training that will take your career to the whole new level of heights that it has never seen before.


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