Devops Training

DEVOPS Training: Course Objective

  • The DevOps certification training course is designed with an objective to prepare the learners for a successful IT career in DevOps, the open source framework that reduces the gap between software engineers and operations.
  • Get expertise in continuous delivery, agile development, configuration management, automation, fast deployment, or team collaboration etc.
  • Learn using various DevOps tools like Git, Docker, Jenkins, Nagios, and Puppet in our DevOps practitioner training.
  • DevOps is a highly paid skill, so start training and earn certification to become a most demanding IT resources worldwide.



DevOps is the most demanding IT skill


of DevOps jobs across industries as per


is the average Devops salary in the USA


Billion is the expected market size of the DevOps industry as per Grand View Research, Inc.

Salary Trend

A few Quick facts before you begin your Online Devops Training

 A Few Compelling Facts

DevOps is a blend of tasks performed by application development and systems operations teams. The DevOps team focuses on standardizing development environments and automating delivery processes to improve efficiency and delivery predictability. DevOps practitioners are responsible for speeding up the production of software and IT services so that these products and services can be pushed to market more frequently.

 Future of DevOps

DevOps has a huge potential due to its major benefits within the organization and to the business. Most DevOps-enabled and capable tools currently exist as part of the larger IT operation and development toolbox. It is predicted that DevOps ready tools would see the largest growth potential. This leaves a huge window of opportunity for someone who is seeking to make a mark in DevOps courses.

 Job Market

The DevOps trend goes way beyond implementation and technology management and instead necessitates a deeper focus on how to effect positive organizational change. It is becoming a valued skill for IT professionals. DevOps certified experts’ Avg. Take home salary ranges from $85,200 to $150,000 annually. In the USA, the salary range for certified DevOps engineer and architect goes between $140K – $190K per year.


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